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Sanskritik Samannay Mancha

A platform for anybody and everybody to perform. We have succeeded to set the ball rolling and created an environment where everyone can enjoy fullfilling their cultural urges, either by performance or by viewing, and this very enjoyable experience generates revenues which gets ploughed back as a contribution to the society by donations to proven social organisations. We have proved it to ourselves that contribution to the society can be done, in fact, while even enjoying oneself.   

 “*****Donations to Sanskritik Samannay Mancha Baroda are exempted from Income Tax u/s 80G.”

About Us


Today self less social work by any individual is perceived to be "Extra Ordinary". But the question is, does contribution to the society mean any extraordinary work? If we try to answer the question, we find that there are so few number of people involved in this activity that it does look as an extraordinary work. But to think of it, isn't it true that our very existence in this social fabric, from wherein we take so much from the society, an equilibrium to finally enable us to survive lies only in the fact that contributing back to the society should be the normal course of activity.

What is to be perceived is the necessity to realise that while leading a completely normal life and in the normal course of activity we can definitely make it a habit to contribute to the society and this has to be consciously practised. It is not at all necessary to do anything extraordinary and in fact, one can even enjoy going about this duty of contribution. In 2007 this is exactly what we conceived in "SANSKRTIK SAMANNAY MANCHA".


The emblem shows Hands on the book in a Mangaldeep.

The Emblem specially designed by eminent artist of Vadodars Sh Asish Das is a combination of the following representations.......

Book denotes Sanskriti (Culture), hands denote Samannay (Harmonious conglomerate of ideas) and Mangaldeep denotes the bright halo, symbolic of a socio-culturally enriched environment.